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Why Using a Guard Dog Can Keep Your Home Secure?

When it comes to protecting your home, most homeowners tend to have a security system installed and think that is enough to keep them secure. Although a security system provides a form of security, it can easily be manipulated and disabled. This is where a trained security dog can come in and protect your house. There are over 2 million cases of burglary a year in the US, so why not take extra precaution and along with your security system have a guard dog. Here are some benefits to keeping a guard dog:

Burglars are hesitant when they see a guard dog

Your first line of defence against burglary is going to be your guard dog. Burglars more more hesitant to target a house that has a well-trained guard dog. While they know they can disable an alarm, it isn’t easy to disable a guard dog. Which makes them think twice before targeting a home with a guard dog. Your dog doesn’t have to vicious, just a large size dog that patrols the property is good enough to scare burglars away.

Dogs are loyal to their owners

In case of a burglar, your dog will never turn against you. It will attack the burglar on your command and unlike a gun it cannot be turned against you and be used to attack you. A guard dog also knows everyone that typically lives in the house so if it sees any intruder it will be quick to make sure that the intruder is not welcome.

Your kids will have a pet

A guard dog will know the difference between your kids and an intruder. Having a guard dog is just like having a regular dog. It will give your kids a pet to play with and also train them to be good caregivers.

Training a dog to become a guard dog is not easy. Some dogs are just better at being guard dogs than others due to size and demeanour. It would be wise to have your dog trained professionally. You don’t want the dog to just attack anyone. It needs to know the difference of being aggressively as a defence rather than an offence.

If you want to ensure the security of your home, we recommend you have a guard dog along with a security system. This will provide you with a higher level of security and give you an ease of mind when you are away from home. Do keep in mind that keeping a guard dog is the same as keeping a dog. You need to take proper care of it and groom it well so it doesn’t get sick. A shower once a month with dog shampoo and regular brushing is a must.

Get your house secured today with a guard dog. Not only will you have an ease of mind but your kids will also have a pet.