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What to do after a burglary

The first couple of hours after a burglary are very important. There are many things to deal with after you have been burgled that include the emotional stress, trauma and the loss that you might have incurred. It is important to keep a clear head and handle things correctly so that the burglary doesn’t affect your life too much. The situation will need to be assessed and taken care of even if it is incredibly hard. Click here for tips on dealing with trauma if you were present during the burglary or perhaps held hostage.

What to do after a burglary

Step one is to check on everyone and everything. You need to call the police to report the burglary or home invasion. There are many people that don’t report these types of incidents thinking that nothing will happen or that none of their things will be recovered. This is a grave mistake as you might be preventing the police from catching the suspects involved. You will also need to deliver a police report to your insurance company in order to enjoy cover and have your missing items replaced. If you were present during the burglary you would need to check that no one got hurt and that everyone is safe and accounted for.

Next you would need to do cleanup. You need to get in touch with a locksmith to change all your locks as your keys might have been taken as well.  Find a professional that will provide you with great services by taking a look at locksmith Wellington, FL. This will allow you to get the services of a professional that will be there in no time to replace your locks and give you peace of mind to sleep in your home again. You need to also make sure that any damaged parts of the house like windows or walling is repaired and covered for safety. One feels completely violated after a burglary and for that reason you need to make your home safe again. If any furniture or items were damaged make sure you repair or replace it. After you have done a complete clean-up get hold of your insurance company to assess the loss and indemnify you.

Make sure that you have security in check by installing an alarm system and getting a security company to do a full assessment of your home. They say that the key is to think like a burglar yourself and to look for all the weak spots in your home. Keep a clear mind during this and realize that this could happen to anyone and that you would have to start over and rebuild. Click here to learn more about home insurance and what you need to know about it. Take time to heal and if you need to go away for a couple of days do so. There is nothing wrong with fear and trauma but it should be dealt with as quickly as possible even if you or any of your family members needs to go for counseling.