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Ways to Secure Your Belongings When You Are On the Go

It’s always hard to keep your belongings together when you are on the go. Just think of a simple shopping spree for example.  Try to fit your phone and car keys in your hand while maneuvering a trolley.  You will continuously drop something and loading your groceries is a terrible mess. When you are travelling you need to be extra careful with valuable belongings like an expensive phone, keys to your home or your bank cards because replacing these items can be quite expensive and incredibly time consuming.  While you are on the go you need to do much more than just keep your belongings from getting lost.  You also need to be on the lookout for criminals that might snatch your stuff away from you and you need to carry everything with you in a comfortable way that leaves your hands free and allows you to move freely even when space is limited.

Ways to Secure Your Belongings When You Are On the Go

Less is more

The first thing you need to remember when looking for secure ways to keep your belongings safe is that less is more.  The fewer items you carry the easier it is to get around and the lower the risk is of losing your valuables.  Shoving a cellphone in your front jean pocket, for example, is much safer than hauling a large handbag filled with goodies wherever you go because you lose a lot less when someone robs you.

Get an Izengate cellphone & wallet case

IZENGATE: The Best Cell Phone Wallet Cases is a must for going out.  These cellphone cases are stylish, elegant and available in four fun colors.  You can get a case for just about any type of phone and for major brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google and Huawei.  The Izengate case allows you to keep your phone safe and secure and the case has slots which allow you to store away bank and ID cards.  You can also slide paper money into your case and replace the need for a wallet completely.  Izengate cases are super easy to operate since the flip cover closes down with a magnet and the cover comes with a handle that can easily slip around your wrist to secure your phone against snatchers.

Cross body handbag

Clutches are some of the worst bags to carry because they are so easy to misplace and a normal carry handbag is not much better.  A cross body handbag is the best and most secure investment you can make because thieves cannot snatch your bag from your arm and you can move around comfortably with your bag strapped over your body.

Get a body pouch

A body pouch is almost like a fanny pack but only more concealed.  Body bags get strapped to your stomach area and allow you to slide in valuables like car keys, money and more. Your top slides over the body bag so no one will ever be able to tell that you are carrying anything.