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Unique Hidden Home Security Camera Options

Video surveillance is a common option most people want when setting up a home security system. But, having a bunch of cameras mounted throughout your house is not just obvious, but also unattractive. Luckily, there are a variety of options designed to blend in with your home décor. That way, you can have all of the video surveillance functionality you could want while maintaining a level of discretion. If you aren’t sure what options may work best for your home, here are some unique hidden security camera options you can integrate into your décor today.

Unique Hidden Home Security Camera Options

Picture Frame Camera

Whether you prefer digital or traditional picture options, there are frames sure to suit your style. Hidden security cameras are built into the frame, and can often be connected to a suitable DVR recording device.

Since picture frames are common in any room of the house, these options are incredibly flexible. You can display family photos, fun artwork, or even memorabilia, like a signed photo of Stephen Collins. Whether you are interested in keeping an eye on your children or babysitters or are looking for a 24/7 video surveillance option, these cameras can do the job.

Wall Clocks

Another common décor item that can find a home in any room is a wall clock, and that makes them the perfect housing for hidden security cameras. Clocks are often placed in locations that allow for optimal viewing so that people can easily see the time when necessary. That means that placing them in areas with prime vantage points of your spaces is a logical choice.

Wireless options are even more subtle, as most wall clocks are battery operated. The lack of wiring makes the clock blend in more effectively than their wired counterparts.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are found in practically every home, so having a smoke detector security camera is a great option regardless of your style. Some versions record to internal SD cards and allow easy viewing via a Wi-Fi connection. That means you can not only review previous activity, but you can also watch activity live.

Tissue Box Covers

If you want to add a camera in the last place a person would look for one, then consider the tissue box cover hidden camera. An internal battery and SD card gets rid of any wires that would otherwise give away the true purpose of the tissue box, and the cover can be used for the actual dispensing of tissues. That means someone with a runny nose can still get the tissues they need without giving away the box’s actual function.

The tissue box can be set on a motion detection setting, helping to preserve the battery when nothing is happening in the room and switching on the recording capabilities when something is.

With all of those options available, people can find security camera options to fit almost any décor and style. Additionally, whether you want to connect to your current DVR or prefer internal SD card options, video can be recorded in your preferred method. That means you can create a home security system that meets your needs while still maintaining a level of discretion.