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The Top Emergency Numbers That Should Be on Everyone’s Contact List

As a home owner you can do a lot to protect you and your family.  You can install safety doors and window bars in your house to keep criminals out.  You can get an alarm system so you and your family can get the needed assistance when robbers enter your home and to protect your home while you are away and you can get the services of a security company who can supply you with emergency assistance at any given moment.  One of the biggest things that most home owners forget to do when it comes to personal security is to have the right emergency numbers stored away on their phones so they can react faster and be assisted no matter how suddenly an emergency or accident occurs.  The top numbers that should be on your phone are;


This is probably the most overlooked but most common emergency that you and members of your family might have to deal with.  It can be terribly frustrating to be locked outside of your house. You and all of your family members should store away the numbers of precision locksmith in Melbourne because they can solve any lock problem and lock emergency for you at any moment of the day or night.  The locksmith company can get any jammed locked opened even in the middle of the night or they can get you into your house if you lose or forget your keys somewhere.  The locksmiths in Melbourne are also terrific for other home needs such as to get broken off keys removed from doors and replaced and they can replace all of your home’s locks in case a family member loses their keys or when you suspect that someone might be monitoring your house.  You can also replace all of your home’s old and worn out locks with new and modern locks which are sure to enhance the general safety of your home.

The Top Emergency Numbers That Should Be on Everyone’s Contact List


Robberies can happen at any given time of any given day or night.  It is important to have the police’s number stored away on your phone so you can get the help you need and so you can have your facts straight for when investigations start after a robbery or in case someone is trying to harm you or your family.

Security company

If you are enlisted with a security company then you should have their number saved away on your phone.  You can get the needed assistance for a malfunctioning alarm, deploy someone to check out your home when you are away or get the needed emergency assistance.


Medical emergencies can happen any time and your reaction time might just be the difference between life and death.  Store away the best ambulance in your area’s number on your phone so you won’t have to Google and search the net while a loved one’s life is in danger.


The emergency number of a family doctor that knows your history can help you and your family out a lot when it comes to mild emergencies and even extreme situations.  You can get the best advice on what to do regarding treating wounds or other medical problems so you can get your loved one taken care off while the ambulance is on the way.