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Surprising Things That Can Alert You during Robberies

Most households rely on their home security systems for safety.  Yes, alarm systems are great for keeping you safe at night and for alerting you when there is danger approaching but criminals is becoming cleverer and cleverer.  They are constantly figuring out a way to bypass your home security systems, your guard dog and even CCTV systems to get their hands on your expensive but hard earned belongings.  You have to rely on much more than just your home security systems to keep yourself and your family safe during robberies.  There are lots of other surprising things that can alert you that something in your home just isn’t right.  By teaching yourself to focus on other alerting sounds and signals your subconscious will also start to focus on additional warning signs and wake you up when there is danger approaching.  Here are some surprising things that can warn you of danger.

Surprising Things That Can Alert You during Robberies

The burglar’s body odor

All robbers find it stressful to enter an unknown home while looking for something to steal.  They are fully alert and the adrenaline is pumping when they are searching through your home.  Most criminals will start to sweat excessively due to stress and adrenaline and their body odor can alert your senses that someone is in the house.  Yes, something as small as an intruders body odor is enough to wake you from a deep slumber if you teach your mind to learn the difference between normal family odors and odors that are unusual.  With that said, it probably makes sense to keep your family clean and odor free and the best way to do this is by investing in a High Pressure Shower Head that will wash away all bad odors so you can extinguish between intruders and family a lot easier.

Geese are a great burglar alert

Geese are often annoying animals.  They hiss at anything that passes close by them and will even strike out and bite if you get too close.  Their annoying and territorial way can be useful to your family because they will instantly make alarm to anyone that is passing through your yard.

Tune in on the frogs in your fish pond

During summer and spring the frogs will start to croak to attract mates.  This croaking can be annoying but is also a good giveaway that someone is walking close by your pond because frogs will cease croaking the moment they feel threatened.

Creaking floorboards can be a great benefit

A creaking floorboard in your house is also a wonderful natural alerting system that no criminal can bypass.  If you have creaking floorboards then do not fix them.

Flashlight lighting

The light of a flashlight in your home is always a dead giveaway that something isn’t right.  Keep your home as dark as possible during the night so criminals have no choice but to use flashlights.

Unusually quiet pets

A lot of criminals will poison dogs before entering your yard. If they are planning a big hit then they can even poison your neighbor’s dogs to prevent them from alerting you.  If you find that an annoying night barker has gone awfully quiet then perhaps it is time to investigate.