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Some Dope on Investing in A Safe Apartment!

Purchasing an apartment is an important decision that requires lots of things to consider before making the deal final. Safety of the place comes before anything else as crime rates are on the rise these days. Finding a place that provides all the amenities along with security is a hard nut to crack.

You can keep E Condos in the options for your investment. These are Toronto’s first towers that provide the direct indoor connection to Eglinton Subway station. This is quite a fascinating place that offers an indoor connection to wonderful shopping and dining at RioCan Yonge Eglinton Centre which has 60 additional shops and restaurants. This luxurious building is comprised of 44 stories bringing forward over 450 units.

Some Dope on Investing in A Safe Apartment!

Some Dope on Investing in A Safe Apartment!

This is a project by Metropia & Capital Developments, and Roy Varacalli is its architect. Whereas, Mike Niven is responsible for the interior designing. It is presently under construction, and they will be launching the tower this fall. It has a desirable location and highly coveted neighborhood. You can be one of the occupants by the end of 2017. E2 Condos is a visionary new live, work, play community with exclusive luxuries that is expected to be completed in 2021. Register yourself on their website and keep yourself updated for your invitation to E2 Platinum Access Preview Event. This place wouldn’t only satisfy your safety concerns but also help you carry you lavishing lifestyle.

If you are considering another place, the following tips can help you know how secure the place is:

Don’t Invest on the First Floor:

The first floor is an entrance point of the building and the most accessible to criminals. That is why they are more vulnerable to being vandalized than the other floors. It is better to invest in the higher places if you want to own one of the safe units in a building.

Do a little Research of the Area:

Make as sure as possible that the building you are considering for purchasing an apartment is located in a safe neighborhood. For that, do some research online and look for the crime rate in that area. Moreover, you can ask from a few people from a neighbor about the safety of the place and how they feel living there.

Take a Look Around:

Look for the folks in the neighborhood who have certain clues about the incidents that happened in the past regarding security. You can also look at the condition of the vicinity, how involved people are in the community, the eminence of schools nearby, or how many green spaces are there. It would give you an idea of the protection of that area.

Inspect Doors and Windows:

Burglars usually break in through windows. They would try to force door or windows to pave their way on. For that reason, focus on the access points of the apartment and the building. Inspect doors and windows properly and see if they are sturdy and able to withstand a crime.

Hire a Home Inspector:

Property sellers often provide a home inspection report to corroborate the condition of the apartment. However, it is better to hire your own home inspector. There will be no worries left about the lace if your inspector declares it a good place to live.

Opt for Safety Features:

Look for a building that offers certain safety features if it is in your possibilities. For instance, look if there are security cameras all around the building. A doorman or a security guard should be alert of the people who walk in and out of the building.