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Security tips for your holiday home

A holiday home is most probably more a sanctuary than your own house. This is exactly why it is important to keep your holiday home safe if you aren’t there. In most cases holiday homes are kept empty unless you visit it for a holiday. If you are lucky enough to have a caretaker you wouldn’t have the same concerns as those individuals that lock up after a relaxing time and return home. It is important to keep things safe and as you left it. There is nothing worse than arriving for your weekend breakaway and finding your holiday home in disarray because someone broke in and emptied out the place. It is obvious that you wouldn’t spend as much time in your second home as your main house.

Security tips for your holiday home

It is important to let your insurance company know that your holiday home is your second residence and that it will be unoccupied most of the time. You don’t want them to be misinformed and then fail to cover you if you do have a claim. They would possibly ask you how long the home will be unoccupied for and you should just be honest about the timeframe. Click here to read more about home insurance. Your insurance company will also inform you if there are any special requirements that will get you sufficiently covered. Make sure that you have these devices installed.

Take a look at timber frame for a great solution as a holiday home. With these beautiful and elegant log homes you will have the perfect place to get away from the rush and craze of everyday life. This is a rustic style that just makes anyone feel at home and cozy. If you do build your holiday home from scratch make sure to lock everything up when you leave. Install window and door locks and add any security that you think will make your home more secure. Another great tip is to find a friend or neighbor that lives in the area, preferably someone that you trust and give them a spare key to check on things for you occasionally.

Even if you have guests staying in your home it is important that your insurance is in order. This will protect your interests. You want to enjoy cover for theft by anyone if something like that occurs. By locking things up as you should there will always be signs of forced entry which is covered by most insurance policies. Lastly read more about time switches for your lights which will give the impression that someone is actually staying in your home. This is a great way to mislead any intruders that had the idea to break in because no one is ever home. By taking a few security precautions you will have the benefit of enjoying your second home every time you visit without finding any nasty surprises like a broken window or stolen possessions. It is after all your investment and should be protected.