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Security Equipment to Employ While Traveling

We all want to get out and explore the world. And, when we are young the opportunities and availability seem endless. Unfortunately, the world is not exactly the safest place to venture. As parents, though we want our children to experience the joy of going abroad, chances are we are pretty scared about them actually taking that step. Thankfully, with a little research, we have been able to locate security equipment to employ while traveling.

If you are utilizing the travel services of Rustic Pathways, it is no wonder that your child is extremely excited about the adventure that awaits him/her. Since they promote the adventurous side of travel, it is easy to see why your child is enthusiastic about taking advantage of the expertise found when traveling with Rustic Pathways. But, you are probably still a little apprehensive about the whole thing. No doubt you have heard about all the atrocities that could befall your child. Safety, then, is at the forefront of your thoughts. That’s why we are here.

Security Equipment to Employ While Traveling

The Equipment You Need to Send with Your Child

We applaud you for allowing your child to spread his/her wings and traverse this great planet. But, we also applaud your ability to remain a conscientious parent who wants to ensure he/she travels the safest way possible. This list will give you an idea of the equipment you need to send with your child to ensure he/she is protected on all fronts:

  • StrapSafe TSA Luggage Strap– You will rest easy knowing that the only people who can open your child’s luggage are TSA employees, and that you will know if they have done so.
  • RFID Blocking Purse Organizers– The problem with RFID chips in our IDs and credit cards, is that bad guys have learned how to scan them. This makes identity theft considerably easy. So, making sure your child’s ID and credit cards are tucked inside an RFID blocking organizer or wallet is definitely advisable.
  • Travel Belt Wallet– Surely you have heard the horror stories about people being pick-pocketed while traveling abroad. This belt allows your child to keep his/her money safely tucked inside the belt itself, thereby freeing him/her from the need to carry a wallet or purse during exploration.
  • Undercover Neck Wallet Deluxe- If the belt wallet doesn’t fit your child’s wardrobe requirements, he/she might be willing to consider this necklace-like wallet that can be safely tucked beneath his/her clothing.
  • Anti-Theft Daypack– There are 5 anti-theft features and it’s large enough to carry a 13” Macbook. Check it out here.
  • Portable Safe– Sadly, not even hotel rooms are protected from the thieves’ hands. That’s why we recommend a portable safe no matter where you travel.
  • Anti-Theft Messenger Bag– Again, if the daypack offers some wardrobe complications for your child’s comfort, there is always a messenger bag option. It features locking compartments, an anti-slash exterior, and even RFID blocking technology. Learn more.
  • Backpack and Bag Protector– If you opt not to get one of the anti-theft bags we mentioned previously, you might want to consider these bag protectors. Made of high-tensile stainless steel, they are designed to prevent pilfering, theft, and tampering.

If you are looking for additional ideas about supplies necessary to keep your child safe while on their traveling excursions, this site has some great suggestions. Rest at ease knowing you have protected your child as much as possible.