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Protecting Your Home When You’re Trying to Sell

Putting your home up for sale means opening it up to a potentially vast array of strangers, most of whom you will never meet face to face. Besides being an unnerving idea, it can also present a variety of security concerns. Whether you are still living in the home or it is sitting vacant, there are steps you can take to ensure that your property is secure before, during, and after every viewing. To help protect one of your biggest assets during this time, here are some security tips to get you started.

Secure Your Valuables

If you have anything of particularly high value, it is important that these items are put out of sight when potential buyers are touring your home. Take items like small electronics, jewelry, cash, and other similar personal property and place them in a secure location. Often, this involves some extra effort since home buyers are going to look into common storage areas like closets.

For properties with a locking safe, that presents an ideal solution. Otherwise, you can consider placing the property in boxes and storing them in an area like an attic. While a potential buyer may examine these areas, it is unlikely they will also interact with any boxes located in the space.

Another option is to store them offsite, especially if you don’t need them on a daily basis. You can see if a friend or family member is opening to keeping a box that holds your high-value items. Then, they won’t even be in the home during a tour. You can also check into storage units in your area.

Protecting Your Home When You’re Trying to Sell

For example, if you are part of the Carson Valley real estate market, do quick searches for storage facilities near your address. Then, you can simply move the items to a separate area whenever you need to, while still keeping them highly accessible.

If there are items that can’t be secured elsewhere and may be seen by potential buyers, let your real estate agents know about any concerns you may have. Professionals who specialize in selling homes might know of options that don’t automatically come to mind.

Use a Security System

Whether you are still living in the property or it is vacant, you can consider installing a security system while the property for sale. This can provide protection from unauthorized entry, and you may even be able to add security cameras to observe activities that took place. That way, if an item ends up going missing, you can review the video and see if anyone went into that space.

However, if you do leave cameras running during viewings, it is important that your real estate agent knows they are there. That way, if home buyers have concerns about their presence, they can be properly informed.

Maintain Records

Often, viewings of properties are coordinated in advance, regardless of whether the property is occupied or vacant. Additionally, any lockboxes will also record when they are accessed, and some of the newer ones even know the person who accessed them. This helps create records regarding who was on the property and when. While you might not have direct access to this information, your real estate agent can likely get to the data whenever necessary. This can serve as an additional point of security should you have any concerns.