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Protect What Matters Most to You

We all have valuables that we want to protect.  Whether they are full of monetary value, sentimental value, or both, it is important to take the steps necessary to protect those assets from harm.  By putting in effort today, we can ensure that those items will be there tomorrow.

Identify Your Valuables

Certain items are universally considered valuable, or at least worth protecting.  This can include various kinds of fine jewelry, currency, and collectibles, as well as hard to replace documents, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and passports.

Other items may hold a level of intrinsic, or sentimental, value that is essentially irreplaceable.  Cherished photographs of your family and loved ones, family heirlooms that may have little monetary value, or an item that represents someone who is no longer with us.  These pieces can play a significant role in our lives, and should be handled accordingly.

Whether it is a ticket stub from your first baseball game with your father, a signed copy of your favorite book by Karen Salmansohn, or a piece of costume jewelry from your grandmother, what makes it special to you may not always show in dollar signs, but it should still be protected.

Protect What Matters Most to You

Security Systems

One easy way to add a level of protection to all of your belongings is with a quality security system.  With options available through security companies or cable companies, and formats that are wired into your home or connected over a cellular signal, there is likely an option that will work for your household.

If you do not won your property, making a fully installed security system impossible, consider individual pieces that can serve a similar purpose.  Certain door and window alarms do not require any wires to provide a level of protection.  Battery operated alarms often produce a high pitched sound when triggered, alerting people inside the home, or neighbors, to a possible intrusion is in progress.

Fire Safes

While alarm systems can deter a thief, additional precautions should be taken in cause of fire.  Even if an alarm system can alert authorities if smoke is detected, they may not arrive in time to extinguish the flames before damage has occurred.  For small items that need to be kept securely in the home, but not on display, using a fire safe is ideal.

Not only can a fire safe prevent items from being easily accessed by anyone who does not have the key or code, it can also protect items from the damage caused by smoke or fire, as well as the water used to extinguish any nearby flames or hot spots.  Fire safes are great for important paperwork, such as passports, birth certificates, and marriage licenses, and can also be useful for small items, like jewelry, that could easily become mixed up in the debris.

Safe Deposit Boxes

If the item is particularly valuable, and does not need to be accessed on a regular basis, a safe deposit box at a local bank may be wise.  Not only does this remove the item from you property, providing a level of protection simply by being located outside the home, it will also be housed in a secured facility with alarm systems present and other security measures.  This can be ideal for small, rare collectibles, like coins or stamps, or any important paperwork or contracts that do not need to be regularly reviewed, such as a will.