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We all stress about how to keep our homes safe from intruders and would-be robbers. For whatever reason, we place significant value on the things we possess regardless of what their true monetary worth may be. This is why we look for the newest and best security gadgets for our homes. We want to feel secure and know that those things that mean the most to us are equally so.

What we don’t often realize is that there are features about our homes that can add to our security and protection. We tend to neglect these things far longer than we should. One such aspect is our roof. The truth is we need to have a local roofing company at the ready to inspect, repair, or replace our roofs. Without a good roof, nothing inside our homes is safe. It’s that simple. In fact, the gadgets on our list will be utterly useless if our home leaks or the roof falls in.

The Newest and Best Security Gadgets for Our Homes

Consider the physical and structural safety of your home before you worry about added security features.

The Next Steps in Home Security

The gadgets on this list are designed to add to your already existent security and protection options. Whether you are the old-school type who intends to use weaponry as your source of safety or, the kind who installs a system, these gadgets will be useful to you. They are the next steps in home security:

  • Burton Torino NMK/4 Safe– We all know that keeping your documents under lock and key is highly advisable. Given the ability of thieves to wholly steal our identities, protecting these things is a big deal. Plus, if you have extra cash, it’s not safe under the mattress. Neither are your diamonds and other expensive valuables. Apparently, this safe couldn’t be broken into even when the experts tried. Learn more about this safe.
  • Barking Dog Alarm– If you are looking for the scare factor of a vicious dog but not the added expense or energy of having to feed and care for one, this is a great option. When this alarm is triggered, it sounds like a vicious guard dog is ready to eat the intruder should he take one more step. It’s got a 360-degree radar detector that is powerful enough to see through walls. Plus, it’s hugely affordable.
  • Siren Padlock– Sometimes we forget that we need to protect our sheds and out buildings. They often house some of our most valuable home maintenance equipment and tools. The siren padlock will set off an intense siren sounding alarm when it’s touched, moved, or knocked. That should scare the potential thief right out of there. Read this for more information about the padlock.
  • Pure DAB Radio Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision– If you really want to know what is happening at your house when you are away, this is an excellent option. It looks like a radio, and it actually is one, but it’s also got a built-in camera that can help you survey your home secretly in this cleverly disguised security gadget.

We know this is just a taste of what you could be utilizing for your home. But, if you found any of these gadgets at least slightly intriguing, we suggest you read some more about them by clicking this.


Security Threat: Protect Your Law Firm’s Data

As more law firms look to store information on computers and servers, they have become more vulnerable to security breaches. Hackers are always looking for sensitive information to steal and that is why law firms are a target. They have the most sensitive and confidential information about their clients. For example: Kansas City DUI lawyers have confidential information about their clients that they cannot let out. Their client’s reputation and their law firm’s would be at stake if information is stolen and then leaked. That is why it is important that law firms must beef up their security so that data is not stolen. We have some tips for law firms to reduce the risk of data theft.

Be very vigilant

Most hackers entice you through random links online, be it through email, websites, social media, or chat. You need to be careful about what links you click on, never open random links or download attachments from senders you are not familiar with. You can train your staff also to do the same, since you are all connected through the same network even if one person accidentally makes the mistake of opening an unknown link the whole network would be under attack.

Regularly backup data

This isn’t a way to prevent data breach and ransomware, however it is important for you to backup your data in different locations. This ensures that if data is stolen and wiped out then you will have a backup file to retrieve it. To protect your backup data, you can keep it stored outside the network so hackers won’t be able to get to it when they gain access to your network.

Stay updated

As more law firms and businesses come under attack from hackers, people are sharing more and more information with each other. There are immediate release of news when a big firm or business is hacked and others are warned to take proper measures. It is important that you follow the news and are on your toes to take the necessary measures to prevent your firm from getting hacked when there is a threat.

Have the right technology and personnel to fight any threat

Being lawyers, it is understandable that you do not have the proper knowledge to fight any attack on data. You can hire IT professionals that can ensure your firm is free from any threat. They will purchase the proper technology and encrypt the data so that it is not easily available for hackers. When under attack, they can also protect data while prevent hackers from stealing information. Making them quite valuable for your firm.

Law firms that have big clients are more likely to be target for data thefts. That doesn’t mean that smaller law firms aren’t. You never know when you can be a target so it is important to take the precautionary measures at your end so that you are protected.



It is not enough to find a bike, you should also think of ways of protecting your bike so that it has more security. If you do not protect your bike, it is susceptible to theft especially if it is a high end bike. Most people do not give serious consideration the protection of their bikes and yet it is equally important. Some of the ways you can protect your bike may include:

Getting a decent lock

As much as there are many kinds of bike locks in the market, not all of them are good enough. Since most thieves are normally in a hurry and do not want to get caught, a decent lock will do the trick. They will find it complicated and give up on it and that will leave your bike safe. As much as it is more expensive, it is a worth it buy and will give you value for money. It is advisable to have at least two just in case of anything you have a spare.

Mark your bike

There are many ways of marking your bike and the common way of doing it is by registering it with a police approved marking system. You will be given a bike register kit that you will use for marking your bike. By marking it, you will get a unique code that will enable the police to be able to track the bike in case it is stolen and get it back to you. There are people who will opt for marking the bike themselves and if you decide to take this route, make sure that the security mark is visible, have a tamper proof sticker on the frame to warn on the bike being marked and also make sure that you still register the bike online at BikeRegister and download a log book as a proof for ownership.

Insure the bike

If it’s a high end bike, you might opt to insure it since it is not very cheap. At least with insurance in case of theft, you will be compensated.

Be safe

Thieves use a certain strategy to steal bikes and if you know them then your bike will be safe. Park your bike in the right place which is well lit and not a hidden place. When parking your bike, make sure that you lock both wheels and if possible use a designated parking area. The locks should be n such as way that it secures both the wheels and the frame to reduce chances of the thief stealing the bike and leaving the wheels behind. The lock should also not touch the ground as that will be easier for the thief to knock it off. It is also not advisable not to park on the same spot everyday just in case someone has an interest in that particular bike. When at home, store the bike in a garage or a locked shed where it is safer. Make sure that you secure it to an immovable object.


Home Security Tips

When people own homes, the homes are an investment, and they keep many of their valuable stuff there. There are a lot of memories that are also kept in the house, and we wouldn’t want to lose our memories to petty thieves just because we did not take enough precautions to protect them. That is the reason why we are going to be discussing home security tips that you should consider in your homes.

Landscape with safety in mind

When landscaping your property, it is important for you to look out for spots where thieves can hide. Those types of places should be cleared away, and especially if they have overgrown shrubs or bushes.

Talk with your local police department

The police are experienced at security matters, and it would be a great idea to consult with them whenever you’re making improvements to your home, or moving to a new home. They know the security trends of all the neighborhoods.

Home Security Tips

Know your neighbors

Get to know the people that live near you, those on the same street or neighborhood. Have them watch over your place for any suspicious occurrences when you’re out of the house. Being friendly with them could make that big difference as they can even foil attempted robberies.

Lighting matters

Most thieves would rather dart around in the dark, and that makes security lighting a big issue. Nowadays there are motion sensing features in the security lights as well as other features such as smart or remote lighting, where you can control the lights when you’re out of the house.

Avoid advertising that shopping spree

Whenever you go shopping, don’t leave those telltale signs all over the place because that is what thieves look for. They’ll look for newly unwrapped boxes that will give away exactly what you bought. This is referred to as porch pirating, and one of the best ways to avoid this is to have the goods delivered to another address.

Set a safety routine

Get into the habit of locking up all the doors, shutting the windows and even ensuring that the alarm is turned on every time that you’re out of the house. Don’t leave your spare keys somewhere outside the house like under flower pots or welcome mats. Those are places that thieves are likely to check before attempting to break into the house.

Manage visibility

It is important for you to be able to see the person ringing your doorbell before you open the door. One other thing, don’t place the alarm panel in a place that is easily visible by the thieves or attackers from outside. You might also want to place your valuables where they are not visible from the street as this will lessen the likelihood of an attack.

Protect your outdoor valuables

You should keep in mind the things that are usually kept outdoors in places like sheds and garages. These include things like grills and lawn mowers. Secure them and keep them safe.

Create a plan for when you are away

Plan ahead before you go away on vacation or something of the sort. Let your mail be delivered to the office, friend or neighbor instead of the home. Have someone do your lawn for you and do the general cleaning outside, so that it is not advertised that you’re away.

The Best Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Since we are talking about security, you should also know that home repair is also one of the things that can reduce the risks of intruders coming in. The doors could grow weak, or the ceilings have loopholes that the thieves could use to enter the house. You should consider having regular home repairs, and that is where foundation repair Kansas City, come in. Founded in 1985, KC Masters group of companies is made up of Pier Masters and Master Mudjackers, two home repair companies that operate in the Mid-West with more than 30 years of experience. The group focusses on foundation repair, concrete leveling, mudjacking and their related products. People won’t always be able to understand the root causes of problems related to concrete, water or foundation repairs, and that is where they come in, offering free consultations as they help in the evaluation of the problems and their causes.


Never take the security of your home for granted, take every measure possible to ensure that the home I safe. This includes doing constant repairs on the house to ensure that there are no weak points that burglars could take advantage of. You can use the services of professionals like KC Masters to get to the bottom of your repairs.


Choosing A Home Security System

A home security system is very important and that is why many real estate companies that integrating it in their projects. Most home buyers Dallas however under estimate the importance of a home security system. Not only will it make sure that you are safe but will also save you a lot of costs that you would have incurred. No one wants a home environment that is not very safe especially if kids and valuables are involved. Since there are many home security systems in the market, it is mandatory to know what to look out for so that you can choose the right one for you. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a home security system may include:

Choosing A Home Security System

Wireless or hardwired

Home security systems may either be wireless, hardwired or both. There are also those that are hybrids in that they have parts that are hardwired but still they can use a wireless communication. There are still home security systems that use the analog phone line though they are not very advisable by the experts since there are high chances that they will go obsolete in few years. The most sought after home security system is the wireless communication system since it can use the internet or cellular backup which is way more convenient. The best system is one that can communicate over the cellular network but at the same time can go through the internet. If it uses both, you are sure that your system will not be down because of loss of power or loss of internet connection. It is also important to make sure that the system you are opting for has a battery backup in case of a power outage.

Advanced features

Home security system may either have a standard alarm or have advanced features. There are home security systems that have integrated both security and automation together and may also be referred to as the smart home ecosystem.

As much as a security system mostly comprises of just alarms, it is better to have a system that has more than alarms. It can protect your home in case of a fire event; you can get a remote notification when someone is at your doorbell, can do energy management, have remote controlled locks and do central monitoring. When looking for home security system, look for one that has as many features as possible.


Home security systems will have different costs depending on the set of features it has. The DIY system or the system that is basic will definitely have a cheaper price tag as compared to an advanced system. In some cases you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee especially if you have a central monitoring system. The cost does not only involve buying the system but also doing installation. The installation will vary depending on the company that you are dealing with and the kind of set up you will have at your home.


Getting robbed is always treacherous and traumatizing but getting your car stolen is the worst!  Your car is your means of earning a living because it is your transportation ticket to work.  It is also a great asset that you probably hoped to resell at one point of your life and the thought of losing all that money you have spent on paying for your car is just nerve wrecking.  A lot of robbed car owners are lucky enough to get their vehicles back but sadly not everyone is that lucky.  Many can go their entire life without ever seeing any criminals brought to justice for the robbery and some car owners find themselves in the unfortunate situation where they cannot get compensation from insurance firms.  This often means that you might end up stuck paying vehicle debt for a car that you no longer have and you will have to take out an extra loan to buy a new vehicle.  What a nightmare! 


Get approved for a car loan 

Most vehicle owners think that there is no way to get a vehicle loan for a second car, let alone for a replacement vehicle if yours was stolen.  It is especially hard to convince loan firms to give you loan when you are still stuck paying for your old car that you cannot even use anymore.  Drive Thru Finance is the perfect website to check out if you want to get approved for a car loan.  This fantastic website instantly links you to auto loan companies and the loan quotations.  With this fantastic company you will quickly be back on four wheels again so you won’t lose your job and your car. 


Insurance is always your best option 

It is hard enough to come up with the money for car payments.  The last thing you want is to end up in a situation where you are paying for a car that got stolen.  It is always best to get a good insurance policy for your vehicle because this is the best way to recover from a terrible situation like vehicle theft.  


Vehicle loan VS personal loan 

You don’t necessarily have to apply for a vehicle loan when you buy a car.  A personal loan or mortgage on your home can also be used to get the money you need for your car but this is way more risky should your car get stolen.  Some vehicle loans include an exit strategy like added insurance policy where your vehicle debt will automatically be cancelled should your car get stolen.  That is exactly why it is much better to apply for vehicle loans specifically for this type of purchase. 


The best scenario of all is of course where you don’t get robbed or when you can recover your vehicle after a robbery because you will still have an asset that you can use or sell when it is time for a new upgrade.  Invest a bit of extra cash in security for your home and your vehicle so you can steer clear of bad debt and treacherous financial situations.    



Conservatories are absolutely glorious.  This home trend is becoming increasingly popular because the open glass looks amazing, homes can expand easier without tedious construction requirements, they are quick to set up and you get a lot of functionality.  You can use your conservatory as a sunroom or as a greenhouse where you can grow your own veggies to feed your family.  Conservatories do however have one major disadvantage and that is security.   Conservatories can be dangerous and can leave your home vulnerable to burglaries if you don’t get them constructed correctly.

Tips for Keeping Your Conservatory Secure from Burglaries

How to secure your conservatory

Security features needs to be considered right from the start if you are considering this type of home extension.  Here’s how to get your conservatory to be just as safe as the rest of your home.

The doors – You may think that burglars will go straight for the glass but they will in fact rather go for your door.  Door locks are often much easier and much quieter to pick.  Invest in a multi-point locking system with alarm for your doors.

The windows – Your conservatory windows is the second most vulnerable part.  Ensure that all windows are tightly closed with good quality locks so this will no longer be an easy access.

The roof – Your roof is the third access point that burglars will consider if they want to break in.  You have quite a lot of options to choose from for a secure conservatory roof like polycarbonate, glass or a solid roof that will provide the maximum protection from both natural elements and robbers.  Conservatory Roof Guide is a terrific site that you can check out for the best advice on secure conservatory roofs as well as conservatory roof costs.

The glass – Toughened glass is critical if your conservatory forms part of your home.  Glazing is important for your windows and you can also invest in internal beading so the entire glass panel cannot be removed by burglars.

Conservatory frame – Of course you need a good quality frame.  Wood is never a good idea for a conservatory because it is much easier to break down and much more vulnerable to termites and general weather damage.  An aluminum frame is one of the best choices you can make for a strong conservatory.

Security habits – Good locks don’t help much if your conservatory is always open.  Sure, your plants might need some fresh air but it is dangerous to leave your windows or doors open during the night.  Good security habits, some common sense and an overall alertness are some of the best ways to improve your home and conservatories security.

Alarm system – Alarm systems can prevent robberies and damage to your property.  Most modern alarm systems are installed and there is usually an indicator to show you whether your alarm system is activated or not when you are outside.  This indication is great for preventing robbery attempts because criminals can easily spot that you do in fact have enhanced security.


Secure Your Dealership Place

Vehicle crimes are common in almost every part of the world. No type of transport is safe from the greedy eyes of thieves and burglars. They will even steal a bicycle if given a chance. So of course, cars are a big deal for criminals. Every day hundreds of complaints get filed for stolen cars and missing car parts. If a thief cannot break into your automobile they will try to take away some other part of it may it be the headlights, car battery, or side mirrors. If a single car parked on the street attracts thieves, then a car dealership would be their paradise.

When a dealership’s sales are booming, it is bound to attract some negative attention. On another note, if your profits have recently dived then consult Turbo Marketing Solutions as they are the best in making successful dealership marketing plan. Their marketing plan will assuredly help you generate tons of new prospects and will help you make record breaking profits. Visit turbomarketingsolutions.com for further details and get to know about the secrets of increasing your sales.

Secure Your Dealership Place

Now coming back to the topic: securing your dealership is better than paying for the damages afterward. However, no matter how many safety measures you take, there will always be a thief who knows how to work their way around the traps. Fortunately, we have made a tactful four step security guide that would assist you to keep your dealership sound and safe:

  • Step 1: Hire some buff and burly security guards.

Whoever says that hiring security guards is outdated is surely out of their mind. Having a security guard on your business premises will discourage thieves from breaking into your dealership. You can employ security guards from an official security agency.

Hire professional guards who’d know what they are doing. Automobiles cost abundant money, so a dealership is not any less important than a bank. Moreover, security guards will take care of mishaps during business hours, as they can easily intimidate and escort customers who like to cause a ruckus.

  • Step 2: Install CCTV camera at every entrance.

Though guards are excellent for protection, they should not be your only security option. Make sure that the interior and exterior of the dealership has fully functioning security cameras. Just like security guards, CCTV cameras will deter unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, burglars nowadays know how to disable cameras, hence you must place some cover on the cameras to camouflage it. Cameras are beneficial to investigate robberies that might happen around your dealership. So, by installing it, you will be helping others as well.

  • Step 3: Use security lighting as well.

Vandals and burglars like to do their work in the dark of the night, so what better way to catch them than security light. If security guards and surveillance camera do not ward off thieves, then the bright LED light would make them regret their decision of entering without permission.

Startle LED Security Light is one of the brightest flood lights available in the market. This light activates by passive infrared sensors which turn on at the slightest movement. It is dazzling and harsh glare will stop the trespasser in its tracks.

  • Step 4: Use sirens of dog alarms.

You require some audible warning in your security system as well. For this purpose, sirens are the best, as they will immediately alert the guards and police. Other than a siren, barking dog alarms are also trending these days. Nothing will scare the burglar more than the fear of being bitten by a canine. Since it is hard to afford and groom a dog, it is better to have barking dog alarms instead. Before the burglar ever has a chance to vandalize a car, the motion detector dog alarm will startle him and he will run for his life.

Various business owners make the mistake of using any one of the techniques mentioned above. Your dealership will only be adequately safe when it is well-equipped with all the security stuff.


Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

Installing a home protection system is an excellent method of deterring potential thieves. However, they do very little to help keep your home safe from fire. They don’t offer those kinds of solutions, though many will, at the very least, alert you when a fire has begun. Keeping your home fire-free takes a few steps and we intend to share them with you here.

The first thing we suggest is looking into furnace repair, especially if you suspect your heating system may be faulty. With DM Select, you can rest assured that you will receive a free quote, excellent service, and experts who are ready to beat the competition. If your heating system doesn’t seem to be working you will need their advice. This is particularly true since a main cause of home fires is attributed to furnaces and other problematic heating installations. But this isn’t the only way to keep your home safe.

Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

Tips for Avoiding Wildfires

Keep in mind that furnace and electrical issues are a major culprit in home based fires. But, they are not the only potential problem. In fact, wildfires are known to ruin entire neighborhoods. So, in an effort to help you keep your family safe, here are tips for avoiding wildfires:

  1. Ensure that your street address is clearly visible. In the event a wildfire starts in your area, you will want to be certain that firefighters can locate you quickly and effectively.
  2. Make your driveway wider. Some experts suggest that it should be at least 12 feet wide with all overhanging branches trimmed.
  3. Lengthy driveways should incorporate a turnaround near your home. This will allow for fire trucks to have access to your residence. Click this for additional information about driveway designs.
  4. Survey your trees. Keep in mind that evergreen trees are quite flammable. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that the tops of these trees are at least 10 feet apart. This will help keep fires from spreading from one tree to the next.
  5. Take a look at the undergrowth. If there is a continuous connection of leaves, branches, and grass, this could be a ladder adding fuel to the fire. Mow the grass and cut the low hanging branches. Learn more.
  6. Remove all firewood piles that are anywhere near your house. They offer a great jumping off point for a spreading fire to enter your home.
  7. Place rocks and stone landscaping designs close to your home. These can prevent the spread of the fire since flames won’t burn them.
  8. Always keep your lawn mowed and watered. This is particularly important for all areas near your home. Dry and tall grass can be dangerous for many reasons, fire not being the only issue.
  9. Make sure your propane tanks don’t have a lot of growth around them. In fact, it is best if you place them on gravel areas so that the flames cannot reach them as this may cause an explosion and intensify the spread of the fire.
  10. Return to your tree survey and keep all evergreens at least 100 feet from all sides of your home. Cut down any that encroach on that space.

Keeping your home safe from would-be robbers is important, but if you allow your abode to catch fire, there won’t be anything left to protect from them. If you need additional advice, please read this.


Mobile app and Information


It’s no secret that mobile is on the move. Stats show that by the end of 2017, nearly 90% of consumers will be searching the internet primarily on their mobile device. This means, that if your product does not play well with mobile, it may be playing alone for the rest of its (short) life-span. But, don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

If you are the one of many companies who see stats like the one listed above and know that you business plan needs to now include a mobile app, then you are on the right path. Think about the last time you left home without your phone. It’s probably safe to assume when you did, it was by mistake and by lunch time you were figuring out a way to take a long lunch to be reunited with your partner-in-crime.  It has everything you need, mainly your favorite apps all in one easy-to-access location. Your phone has everything and does everything and your consumers feel the exact same way.

Everything we as consumers do today, revolves around the convenience of our mobile devices. You can do it all – from grocery shopping to renting a car from Enterprise and saving hundreds – all from the click of your phone.

So, when do you know if you’re business is ready for to create an app? Think of your business compared to Enterprise car rental and see if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Does your business require consumers to book an appointment, search inventory, or offer some kind of service?
  • Can any of these things mentioned above be completed via the website or would an app be more suitable?

If you answered YES, your company is ready to create an app. But, how do you even create an app?

appThe first step is finding a company that you know will design an app unique to your organization and one that will make it stand out above the millions of other apps available on the market today. You need to work with real professionals who know the ins and out of mobile design and who can apply this to your mobile app. Once you find the right company to work with, the rest of the pieces will fall into place. For a project like the scenario mentioned above, you will want to find one that specializes specifically in mobile design specifically for car rentals and appointment booking or reservations.

While there are many out there – and it can sometimes feel overwhelming- the search is worth it to find the right company to work with.