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Keeping the Condo Safe and Secure from Would-be Thieves

Owning our own homes or condos is a wonderful accomplishment. Unfortunately, a good many of us think that home ownership is where it all stops. But, if we fail to protect our homes and our belongings then that home sweet home sign suddenly loses its merit. Home isn’t so sweet when it has been invaded by would-be thieves. You need to know the process of keeping the condo safe and secure from them.

Keeping the Condo Safe and Secure from Would-be Thieves

Keeping the Condo Safe and Secure from Would-be Thieves

You could always consider Victory Silos Prices. That’s a new condo establishment gearing up for move-ins to start in 2020. There will be 300+ luxury units in a tower in downtown Toronto. This might add a bit of security since there will be so many people in this newly developed condo. But, that shouldn’t make you forget the value of all the suggestions we are about to provide for you.

Inexpensive and Relatively Simple Condo Security Hacks

Condos are not cheap, as we are sure you realized when you checked out the prices at Victory Silos. Which is all the more reason to ensure that your new condo home is well protected from the people who seek to steal from you. But, since you have probably spent a good deal of your money on your home, you will certainly appreciate these inexpensive and relatively simple condo security hacks:

  • Schedule maintenance and other providers during major theft hours. Statistics show that most burglaries happen between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. So, whenever possible, schedule your housekeeper or maintenance related services during that time. This will put people in your home and will deter burglars from thinking it’s a good time to attempt to come in.
  • Set timers. Given the information about times when burglaries most often occur, setting a timer could be a good deterrent. Set it up so that your radio or TV come on during these times. It will make would-be thieves think someone is inside your home at that time and will therefore prevent them from trying to get inside. Find some here.
  • Post signs. You might not realize it, but the average burglar is actually a teenage male living in your neighborhood. He’s not a professional. He is simply looking for an easy score. So, post signs that will get him a little scared about taking the risk of walking into your house. Things like, “my pit bull is faster than you” can work wonders on teenage thieves. Or, if that seems too cheesy, consider setting a dog bowl near an entryway. This will give the impression that a dog resides inside.
  • Buy security system stickers. Even if you can’t afford the actual security system, simply having the stickers on your windows can deter potential burglars. They don’t generally want to take the risk of setting off your alarm system. Instead, they will go somewhere else that doesn’t have anything posted to suggest it is as guarded as your home. Read this.
  • Reinforce your doors and windows. You can do that with fake security cameras. Set them up near your front and back doors. They have some that require batteries to keep a light on inside that makes thieves think they are on hidden camera. No one wants to be videotaped breaking into your house. When they see the camera’s little red light, they will probably bail.

But, if you still think you need additional ideas, click this.