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It is not enough to find a bike, you should also think of ways of protecting your bike so that it has more security. If you do not protect your bike, it is susceptible to theft especially if it is a high end bike. Most people do not give serious consideration the protection of their bikes and yet it is equally important. Some of the ways you can protect your bike may include:

Getting a decent lock

As much as there are many kinds of bike locks in the market, not all of them are good enough. Since most thieves are normally in a hurry and do not want to get caught, a decent lock will do the trick. They will find it complicated and give up on it and that will leave your bike safe. As much as it is more expensive, it is a worth it buy and will give you value for money. It is advisable to have at least two just in case of anything you have a spare.

Mark your bike

There are many ways of marking your bike and the common way of doing it is by registering it with a police approved marking system. You will be given a bike register kit that you will use for marking your bike. By marking it, you will get a unique code that will enable the police to be able to track the bike in case it is stolen and get it back to you. There are people who will opt for marking the bike themselves and if you decide to take this route, make sure that the security mark is visible, have a tamper proof sticker on the frame to warn on the bike being marked and also make sure that you still register the bike online at BikeRegister and download a log book as a proof for ownership.

Insure the bike

If it’s a high end bike, you might opt to insure it since it is not very cheap. At least with insurance in case of theft, you will be compensated.

Be safe

Thieves use a certain strategy to steal bikes and if you know them then your bike will be safe. Park your bike in the right place which is well lit and not a hidden place. When parking your bike, make sure that you lock both wheels and if possible use a designated parking area. The locks should be n such as way that it secures both the wheels and the frame to reduce chances of the thief stealing the bike and leaving the wheels behind. The lock should also not touch the ground as that will be easier for the thief to knock it off. It is also not advisable not to park on the same spot everyday just in case someone has an interest in that particular bike. When at home, store the bike in a garage or a locked shed where it is safer. Make sure that you secure it to an immovable object.