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How to Protect Your Art From Damage

Wall art just like many other possessions have to be protected from damage. If they are not protected then they will have a short life span and will get damaged. Since art is sometimes expensive and serves different purposes in our lives, it is important that the right care and protection is given to it to make sure that it is long lasting and stays in good shape. Most people are not keen about taking care of their art work; all they care about is the wall art being in its position.

The kind of protection your wall art will need will depend on the kind of painting that you have. The most common are oil or acrylic on canvas and paper painting. Some of the things one can do to take care of their wall art may include:

How to Protect Your Art From Damage


Framing not only makes the painting look better but also makes it last longer. It is therefore a worth investment if you really treasure your wall art and it is not framed. Good thing is that framing is not complicated and can be done by anyone.

Placing it the right place

When the wall art is placed in the right way, then it can help it to last longer. It should be placed away from direct sunlight or humidity since that will spoil it. It should be placed away from smoke such as just above the fireplace if the fireplace is normally in use.

Cleaning it the right way

Most wall art will need cleaning at some point. This will depend on the kind of wall art as different types of art will need different types of cleaning. Accumulation of dirt and dust may contribute to faster aging and damaging of the wall art. In some cases it may need professional cleaning.

Proper storage

If you have temporarily removed the wall art, you should make sure that you store it properly in the right conditions to protect it from damage. In case of a painting, the conditions in which you store it should not be so different from the conditions in which you will hang it. Wall art should be placed away from places that have high humidity or mold. It should also be placed away from the floor, away from a situation that will expose the wall art from moisture which will be absorbed by the art work making it to be damaged.


Since there are many types of wall arts and it may be confusing the kind of care your particular wall art needs, when you are doing the purchase try as much as possible to find as much information about the care needed as possible. Most wall arts will come with wall art guide which is very handy and will help your art work to last longer. The good thing is that the internet is a rich resource and from it you can find any kind of information that you may need.