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How to Keep Your Diamond Gems Safe from Burglars

There is nothing as hurting as when your precious diamond jewelry is stolen and there is no way you will get it back. The fact that pure diamonds are expensive to come by means we need to take extra precautions in keeping them safe. So if you got your diamond jewelry from a high end retailer such as Lugano diamonds and you are wondering ways to keep it more safe, then this is the right piece for you. There are many ways of enhancing security of your jewelry, which includes:

How to Keep Your Diamond Gems Safe from Burglars

Use a safe box

A safe box is also used for storage of precious jewelry. It is not limited to money and ammunition. In a safe box, you will be sure that your jewelry is locked in safely. There are different kinds of safety boxes, there are those that use the conventional method lock and key method while there are modern types that use both biometric and lock and key. Both have their own pros and cons and hence are sure to do your research well to end up with the right safety box.

Store in the bank

A bank is a good option of storing your jewelry. They normally do it at a fee and incase of loss they offer compensation for the loss. To be sure about your precious gems, store them in the bank. Many people have done it from ages ago.

Insure your jewelry

Many insurance companies have insurance policies that cover jewelry. Good thing with insurance is that in case of a loss or theft, they will offer compensation. Hence you don’t have to worry about not being able to replace your jewelry in case of anything. Once you have insurance then you are covered and you can have confidence in your jewelry. You should however be aware of the different terms that exist since different companies have different terms and conditions.

Ensure safety of your home

Safety of the home should always come first. If the home is safe then you can be confident that your home is safe. There are many ways of beefing up security in the home and some are basic such as keeping the doors locked, not announcing absence as some people many know about your absence and take advantage. If possible have a guard as they help a great deal in prevention of unauthorized persons. Having dogs for security also helps a great deal.


Keeping diamond jewelry safe is easier than has been thought. You should however make sure that you have proper storage in the home so that you don’t lose them to carelessness in the home. If you are traveling with it being more careful will help a lot whether you are insured or not. For example if you are traveling to a new place, having as much information about the place as possible prior your trip will help a lot. You should also keep the jewelry far from kids as they are likely to lose it or damage it.