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Home Security While on Vacation

Keeping your home safe from intruders or other malicious activity is hard enough when you are home. When you decide to head out on that family vacation there’s all the more reason for adequate security to be in place. But what are some of the best ways to keep your home safe while you’re away?

You have done all the planning for your family’s vacation get away. You’ve made sure to save money on travel by using discountmyflights.com and you have employed a pet sitter for Eli the orange tabby who resides in your home. But what steps have you taken to protect your home itself? What plans have you made in case of an emergency?

Home Security While on Vacation

5 Steps to Keep the House Safe

Don’t let the concept of leaving home evoke so much fear that you refrain from your desired travel goals. You can leave in peace knowing that you’ve done all you can to prevent theft or danger. Here are some steps to keep the house safe while you’re out of town:

  • Stop Regular Deliveries– If you’re going to be gone awhile it’s a good idea to let the Post Office know. This way they can hold your mail until you return and your overflowing mailbox won’t be a dead giveaway to potential bad guys that you’re not home. Do the same for your newspaper delivery. Make sure all your Amazon shipments are scheduled to arrive before you leave or after you return. You don’t want boxes piling up on the stoop either. Here is a link to the USPS to stop your mail.
  • Hire a Spy– Not really a spy, though that sounds kind of cool, but do get someone to check on the house regularly. This could be a self-proclaimed nosey neighbor who is willing to keep an eye out for you, or a friend who lives in the area. Of course, someone in your family could also make that trek to ensure no one has tampered with anything or left flyers around that would suggest you haven’t been home to open your door.
  • Consider Landscaping- If you mow your lawn every Monday, like clockwork, and you’re going to be gone for a couple of them consider hiring a landscaping company. The idea is to give the impression that life is going on as usual in your home. You don’t want anyone driving by thinking that your overgrown yard signifies an abandoned resident worthy of illegal exploration. Read this to learn about landscaping while on vacation.
  • Lock Everything- As lame a piece of advice as that may seem, people leave their homes unlocked on a regular basis. If you have kids you have undoubtedly gotten up in the morning to discover your backdoor has been unlocked all night. Before you leave the house go around to every window and door and ensure that it is locked solid. Lock your shed too. You don’t want that brand new John Deere lawn tractor playing a disappearing role while you’re away.
  • Be Tight Lipped- In a world where everyone wants to display their status on Facebook, keeping the fact that you’re going on vacation secret is a good plan. Not everyone on your friend feed is really your friend. In fact, there are probably people on there you don’t even know. So don’t get on Pinterest pinning all the places you’ll be visiting while away, unless you do it far in advance of the actual trp.

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