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Get the Most Secure Website with These Great Tips

Everything is going digital and virtual and just about every business in existence also uses a virtual presence to market their company, to do business and to make sales.  It is just as important to secure your business’ online presence as it is to secure your home and company.  In our modern digital world, there are plenty of hackers and scammers out there who are constantly looking for opportunities to cash in.

Each and every business website contains a lot of information.  Websites that require customers to sign up, register and just about every e-commerce store in existence have a lot of personal information on their customers.  This sensitive information can include anything from social security numbers to email addresses to bank account details.  When a website is not safe and secure enough your business isn’t just risking your own personal business information but also each and every customer that ever gave you their personal details.

A secure website keeps your sensitive company information safe, ensures the safety of your customers and greatly prevents fraud and hacking.  But there are quite a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to develop a site that is safe and secure.

Get the Most Secure Website with These Great Tips

Get the Most Secure Website with These Great Tips

Use the right web developing company

Your web development company is going to build your website from the ground up and they maintain access to your site so they can maintain it, upgrade it and make improvements or changes when it is required.  The importance of using a secure development company can never be over exaggerated.  Always choose a company with good ratings, a lot of experience and plenty of reviews so you can be safe and secure in the long run.

Use a secure content management system

Choose a secure content management system like WordPress or Drupal.  These systems are incredibly popular and known for their security, ease, and great functionality.

Mind your hosting service

If your web developing company doesn’t provide web hosting services then be sure to choose a secure host.  Your web host will ensure that the website runs well and they can handle various other tasks such as e-mail hosting, DNS hosting, and domain name registration.  It would be a terrible tragedy if you lost your domain name if your hosting company falls away.

Change your passwords every now and then

It is always good to change your passwords every now and then.  The best way to create a safe and secure password is by including lower and capital letters as well as numbers in your password.  Never use the same password for all of your accounts because if one password is uncovered it could easily lead to a hack of all of your accounts.

Don’t allow file uploads

File uploads from the public are always risky.  You never know what content that uploads may contain and some people are just too insane to be trusted on your website or blog feeds.  If you do allow uploads you should have the right protective and screening software in place.