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Ensure Your Safety and Security While Travelling

Who does not love to travel? To travel new exotic locations and experience different cultures is every person’s dream. However, we often get too lost in the experience and sensory overload that we overlook some serious safety concerns. Tourists stick out like a sore thumb and are targeted as they neither know anyone nor are they familiar with the place. You need to be careful and attentive to your surroundings. A few basic tips such as fitting in or booking a guide can make a world of difference. Most tourists get attacked because they are of a different race or religion. With terrorism and crime on the rise, special care needs to be taken regarding safety.

Ensure Your Safety and Security While Travelling

Ensure Your Safety and Security While Travelling

Do not know what to do? Here are some tips that will guarantee your safety while traveling abroad:

Do not Disclose Your Itinerary:

When you finally get to go on a vacation, you might be tempted to post your itinerary on social media. You might want to show your followers where you will be heading on your various handles. Big mistake! Most folks might not have privacy on their social media accounts. Their itinerary can be seen by anyone. This makes it easier for any potential threats to follow you around. Even if you do not post it online, do not disclose it to strangers you meet on the plane or on the way. You simply cannot trust anyone with the information.

Avoid Using Public WIFI:

It might be tempting to sign into free Wi-Fi as you do not have to waste your own money for using the internet. This may not pose any personal security threats. It can, however, result in identity theft or getting your device hacked. Public Wi-Fi makes it easy for hackers to get into your phone. Do not forget they can easily access your location or even your credit card numbers or bank accounts. Instead, opt for purchasing a local SIM card and use a personal router to use the internet on your laptop.

Carry Only Essential Documents:

It would be unwise to carry important documents such as your birth certificate or your Social Security Card. These documents can be forged easily and you can end up with your identity stolen. Ditch the passport if you are not traveling abroad. If these documents are essential carry them around in a safe and secure manner. Store them in a safe when staying at a hotel. While traveling store them in a password protected box. You can carry copies of these documents instead of the original. It would not pose as much risk as you would have the original to make any claims.

Avoid Public Taxis:

If there is one person who is familiar with tourists and their behaviors, it is the cab driver. Cab drivers have a lot of experience in dealing with tourists. They know where you are staying and where you will go. The worst part is that if you do not note their cab number, they can easily leave you in the dust. There is no way to track them down. It can be dangerous to hire a cab driver in an unknown city. It is much better to use a cab service company that hires professionals after vigorous background checks.

You also get details such as the name, cab number and contact number which you can easily forward to a friend who can keep a check on you. For example, you can hire a driver in Cozumel using Cozumel Taxi Tours. The taxi service will pick you up at a designated location and will allow you to tour all the hot locations while keeping safe and sound.