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4 Ways to Protect Your Family and Home from a Home Invasion

Protection for your home and family tends to be a top priority for individuals. Whether it is through installing state-of-the art security system or getting a guard dog. You can have the best security system, but that still won’t be enough since it can be disabled. We have 5 tips for you to help you protect your home.

Use landscaping to your advantage

If you have low windows around your house then you can do two things, cover most of it with large bushes or plant thorny bushes outside the windows. Burglars will think twice before they check for an open window with a bush full of thorns in front of it. If they do decide to try anyways and succeed, there is a huge chance that they would leave some evidence such as a piece of torn clothing or blood that gets caught up in the thorn. This will render it much easier for the police to catch them.

Install a bell on the door

A bell on the doors will ring as soon as someone opens the front or back door. This will immediately notify you once someone enters the home without actually ringing the doorbell. If you aren’t expecting someone the bell ringing will raise an alarm and you can approach the situation cautiously, who knows it could be an intruder.

The bell on the door isn’t a preventative measure, more of a measure to alert you of an intrusion.

4 Ways to Protect Your Family and Home from a Home Invasion

Use a gun for protection and self-defense

When it comes to owning a gun, you have to be very smart and responsible. You need to ensure the gun is kept safely in a safe so it is not easily accessible by anyone. Guns can be very dangerous and if left lying around can lead to the lost of a life of a loved one. To ensure your gun is safely tucked away we recommend you get the best gun safe for the money.

Not only should a gun be stored safely but you need to make sure you know how to properly use it. It will come in handy when there is an intruder but you need to know how and where to shoot the intruder. If you miss there is a good chance the intruder will fire back.

You should know your state laws in terms of gun use. This will insure you use it properly when and if there is an intrusion at your home.

Have a safe room

Having a dedicated safe room will help your family know exactly where to go when an invasion occurs while also protect them from the intruder. You want to get a safe room that once locked cannot be easily opened from the outside. Not only that, but make sure the safe room has a phone, firearm (just in case), flashlight, and ration. The safe room will allow your family to safely stay in the house without any harm from the intruder.

Home intrusions are quite common with over 4,800 occurring a day according to SafeWise. So it is always better to prepare your home and family for the intrusion.