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When it comes to house safety, an alarm system of some kind can often be your first line of defense against potential intruders that wish to harm you or steal from you. But is it really a necessary measure, or are there other steps you can take to ensure your house is a safe place for you and your family? If you’re on the fence about an alarm system, and aren’t quite sure about what it can do for you, here are a few benefits of having a house alarm.


One of the biggest benefits of a house alarm is that it can often be a deterrent for burglars. If you have signs posted in your yard or around your house indicating that you have an alarm system, it can make a burglar think twice about targeting your house and less likely to attempt a robbery of any kind. Even if that doesn’t stop them from attempting a burglary, studies indicate intruders spend less time in homes if an alarm goes off, so if nothing else, an alarm system can expedite a burglar’s exit, making it less likely that he’ll take something of great value. Even if the threat of an alarm isn’t enough, the sound of the alarm itself can usually limit the damage.

In addition to deterring a burglar, a house alarm will also alert you to potential danger if you’re inside the house and in harm’s way. Either the home alarm will automatically call the proper authorities, or it’ll alert you to danger so that you can call the proper authorities, escape danger, and restore order as soon as possible. Even if the intruder gets away, it prevents someone from entering your home undetected and without your knowledge. [click to continue…]


For many of us, nothing is more important than our family and their safety, and we’re willing to go to just about any measure to see that those closest to us remain safe. Obviously, we’ll all go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our families, but there are a plentiful amount of simple security measures that can help keep your family safe. Here are a few.

The first step is to have proper doors and locks to make your home more difficult to enter and discourage amateur burglars who are just looking for a home that has easy entry. Use Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on exterior doors that will be tough to pick or break through. A quality deadbolt will also help to reinforce the locks just in case a burglar manages to penetrate them. It’s also wise to use solid metal doors at all entrance points, whether it’s the front door, back door, or a door leading into the house from inside the garage. It’s also important that you keep your car doors locked, even if you keep one or more of your cars inside the garage, as accessing a car can lead to gaining access to the home. [click to continue…]


As crime rates in North America are increasing, a majority of residents are uneasy when it comes to completely relying on the law for protection. With progress in technological advancements, there’s a reason to seek for extra security. Security systems is an excellent way to offer additional protection for your home or business. Just like firearms, security systems protects your residence and family from burglary and other criminal acts. They’re utilized to alert others on potential danger and threats coming your way.

It’s never a good idea to take your chances of being a victim of burglary, which is typically followed by violence or some other crime. It’s essential to arm your home with a security system to protect your possessions and your loved ones. With violent burglaries and series of kidnappings happening across the country, it’s important to be protected now rather than opting for it later.

Security systems are just as important as firearms since not only do they deter criminal activity within your area, but they also come with a new features that enhance their capabilities. Nowadays, security systems are categorized in two groups: indoor and outdoor security systems. [click to continue…]


How to Create a Safe and Loving Home

There are a lot of people now who are too busy with making money that they do not pay that much attention to their families anymore. They have built great houses, their dream houses but they have forgotten that a house cannot automatically become a home. A home is a place where you always want to be in. This should be the place wherein you are most secure.

When it comes to security, of course, you should always protect your home with the latest alarm systems. This will allow you and the rest of your family members to access your home safely while others, especially intruders, will have a harder time trying to enter your home. You may also install some CCTV cameras in various parts of your home so you can monitor if there are ‘guests’ or hired staff who are doing things that they are not supposed to do. Doing these things will make your home physically secure but what about your relationship with your family, how can you make that secure?

How to Create a Safe and Loving Home

It will always start with yourself. You truly have to love yourself first before you can begin to give love to other people. If you are happy with who you are or who you have become, your love will overflow until such time when you will begin to love other people too. Being in a relationship with someone is never easy. You have to make sure that the love is always there but aside from love, there are other factors too. You need to have respect for your partner, you should value your partner’s feelings and lastly, you should always be faithful. Whenever there are issues between you and your partner, you may choose to talk about it or you may want to do couples counseling so it will be easier for you both to understand each other.

Here are other things that you can do so that you can create a safe and loving home for you and the rest of your family:

  1. Do not judge love based on your expectations. You may think that you are loved because your partner constantly gives you things but in the long run, will the items given to you matter? When you have constant expectations, you are bound to get hurt.
  2. Arrange your home in such a way that it will show your compromise in everything. Your beautiful and secure home would have to show signs that it is not only you who is living there. You can add pictures of the rest of your family and let them make choices with the items you are going to place at home too. This goes even for the security system and safe you are planning to install.
  3. Spend time with your family. What is the use of a big house if you do not see each other? Your home should be a place wherein you are all happy with each other. Have some moments wherein you will just hangout around the home.

Also, remember to have at least one meal together and while eating, only talk about pleasant things so you will all bond with each other.


How to start your own security company

There are many types of businesses that you can start with as an Entrepreneur but security is most probably right up there when it comes to catering for a need an providing a service that is almost always in demand. For business owners and home security takes priority above anything else. It is not surprising considering that crime rates are just going up and certain things are difficult to replace. The security market is quite competitive and as a new business owner you would need to find a way that will give you the edge above the rest. It is important to know what the legal requirements are for security firms. Click here to read more.

If you are starting a security company it means that you will be maintaining and running a business that deals primarily with people which would require some preparation on your part. In other words this will be the ideal time to brush up on your people skills and you would need to be perfectly knowledgeable about the security industry and what type of training your employees will need. Finances and paperwork is incredibly important in this line of work. Once you have your capital ready and a few trained up employees you need to get your name out there. This can easily be done by hiring a representative to obtain clients and by advertising your services online. Take a look at cpm ad network for some great tips and advice on getting the most out of online advertising and not losing any revenue.

How to start your own security company

Statistics show that more and more people are turning to private security companies instead of relying on government issued security measures. This is good news for those potential business owners that want to make a name in security. You can decide how far you would like to go with your business. You can offer security service only or you can include security products as well which would need a higher capital amount and also skilled individuals for installation. Most companies start by offering security services only and then as they get more clients start with security products. This can include alarm systems, burglar proofing, electric fencing, panic buttons and all other security related products.

There are Security companies that offer their services for functions only or that offer bodyguard services which means your company will get a reputation as being quite specialized. It really is your choice as the owner of the business what your niche will be in the security industry. The most important step for any potential security company owner is to find the right people. The old days of hiring any old thug to do security is gone and it would be in your best interest to hire someone that can learn more about the field and that has an interest in the market. It is better to be prepared. Click here to get tips on hiring the right people for security.


Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

When people end up on a home security site they are generally expecting advice on the best security companies. However, you don’t have to install a security monitoring system to ensure that you and your family are safe in your home. Instead, you could opt to invest in security cameras to help monitor your home and the belongings within it. The security cameras listed in this article can help you protect your home.

You might want to contact 42nd Street Photo to see if they have additional information on security cameras. NY Mag gives them an average rating of 10. They are marked quite high in the realms of price and service, achieving a score of 10 in each. Their staff is knowledgeable and their selection is extensive. If you need help with anything camera related, these are the people to call, with over 50 years of experience they ought to know what they are talking about.

Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

Best Security Camera’s on the Market

Just in case security cameras aren’t 42nd Street Photo’s area of expertise, we are providing you with a list of the best security cameras available in 2016. They can offer streaming feeds so you can check in throughout the day, or night. Consider these cameras to see which one is best suited for your home:

  • Google’s Nest Cam– It was initially called the Dropcam, but Google purchased the company. This camera can be placed just about anywhere and offers live streaming video that can be accessed on your smartphone. It has night vision and various other alerts and settings available as well. However, pick a different one if outside views are your greatest concern.
  • Homeboy- With a rechargeable battery (that can last up to three months) and a magnetic mount, you can place this camera in a number of positions. With Wi-Fi streaming, it only sends small clips to save you on bandwidth. But, you can see 12 hours of video whenever you desire. It provides social network notifications and geofencing too. Get more info here.
  • Logitech Circle– You can talk and listen through this camera that provides HD video and night vision options. The battery only lasts for twelve hours. So, you are better off installing it on the charge ring, which you can attach to a wall. To avoid any false warnings, it has the ability to detect the difference between people and pets. Just so you know, it’s cheaper around the holidays (probably because the battery power can’t last through a vacation).
  • Netgear Arlo Q– This is similar to the Logitech Circle. However, it adds a wireless version that can be placed virtually anywhere. That makes it a little more desirable than the Circle’s strictly wired option. Learn more.
  • SkyBell HD– This is more than a security camera. It also functions as a doorbell. There’s color night vision, live web-streaming, two ways audio, and even a motion sensor included. It’s weather resistant and is excellent for monitoring the front of your home.
  • Canary– Not just a security camera, this gadget is designed to monitor your entire home. With a 147 degree lens, night vision, and HD real time streaming, the Canary is a great addition to your home security setup. It can contact authorities, produce a loud siren, and send video alerts to mobile devices in the case of an intrusion. And, there’s no monthly fee for its services! Read more about it.

With this information you should be well prepared to keep your family safe!


Stress and Security

The last place you want to feel stressed is at home. In truth, you probably don’t want to live with high levels of stress anywhere. But, alleviating that feeling can prove quite challenging. Studies show that stress can have dramatic effects on our physical well-being. We can develop all kinds of health maladies if we allow our stress levels to control us. This is why home security is beneficial to the reduction of stress.

If you have lived under any significant amount of stress, chances are your gut has let you know. You may have even had the unfortunate experience when your poop is coming out orange. No doubt that terrified you significantly and led to some research to determine the issue. If you were able to eliminate the dietary possibilities you might have discovered irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a potential contributor. And, if you continued your research, you would learn that IBS can be triggered by stress.

Stress and Security

Relieving the Stress at Home

When you are at home you don’t want to look around and think up all the things there are to worry about. If you are in need of some security to alleviate those feelings, then get a system installed. The new system will allow you to:

  • Leave in peace– If walking away from your home and belongings is causing you anxiety, knowing that they are protected by the monitoring security service should offer you some sense of peace.
  • Get better sleep– You might have been experiencing stress-induced nightmares prior to the security system’s installation. Now you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are protected.
  • Quick response– Security monitoring will help you achieve a quick response if you should ever have the unfortunate experience of a break in.
  • Kids are safe– The safety of our children is certainly a stress inducing situation. If yours have to be home alone, then the security system will help assuage the worry that threatens to incapacitate.

If you need more reasons to get a security system read this.

Additional Stress Relief Suggestions

Home security systems will certainly do a good deal to aid in the struggles you are having with your gut. However, there are some additional natural stress relief suggestions you might find beneficial:

  • Passionflower- Considered a folk remedy for all kinds of ailments including anxiety, passionflower, changes the brain chemistry to allow you to feel more relaxed.
  • Massage- Who doesn’t love a massage? Releasing the body’s physical tensions can offer emotional relief as well. Learn more.
  • Limit technology– Believe it or not, our constant obsession with our phones and social media are contributing to a good deal of the stress we feel. There is something about feeling like we are being left out that induces anxiety.
  • B vitamins– They promote brain function and can fight fatigue. B vitamins have also been shown to aid in the induction of relaxation.
  • Sleep- Stressed people statistically get less quality sleep. The passionflower we suggested earlier can help with insomnia issues too. The more and better you sleep, the healthier you will be on all fronts to battle the stress that is trying to take over your life.

Stress is no joke. Eliminating that stress by installing a home security system is highly advisable. But, if that doesn’t get rid of the stress completely, don’t forget to try all the other suggestions we have provided in this piece. And, if you need more, click this.


Burglars will do just about anything to get into your home.  They are constantly coming up with new concepts to bypass security systems, open locks or crack into safes.  Treacherous burglars will even threaten you and your family’s lives to get what they want.  This is why it is so important for you to have good security systems in and around your home and to have the right locking mechanisms for your home.  It is also important for you to constantly change and upgrade these systems and to keep them in good functioning order.  You should have a good tool set to maintain good security because if you have a good tool set you can constantly repair damaged systems and you can constantly upgrade your home to improve security.

Tools You Need To Improve and Maintain Security Systems around Your Home

Why good quality tools is so important

Good quality tools will last a long time since they are much more durable than cheaper brands.  Better quality tools also makes jobs much easier since they are a lot tougher and have a greater functionality.  It is also important to buy only the best quality so you don’t end up injuring yourself when the tools don’t work properly.

The top tools that should be in your home tool box

There are a lot of tools on the market. When you are stocking your toolbox you should invest in tools that you can use for multiple different tasks so you don’t end up with a tool that only gathers dust on the shelve.  The top tools that are mostly used for installations and repairs include;

A good wrench – With a good quality impact wrench you can get even the toughest of bolts unscrewed.  The modern impact wrenches are wireless which is terrific for doing repairs around the house much easier without any hassles with extensions.  These wrenches are still powerful enough to get even the toughest of bolts unscrewed or screwed tightly and they will make your job a lot faster.

A good drill – Drills are great for new installations and repairs.  You can easily change the locks on doors or add a home security system to your home.  With the right drill and the right saddles you can also make any new installation look professional since you can hide away unsightly wires easier by installing trunking and more.

A hammer – What is a toolbox without a hammer?  Hammers can be used for just about any odd job around the house and they are important for helping you maintain your security and locking systems.

A utility knife – Knives are some of the handiest tools in a home. You can use a utility knife for anything such as cutting wires, opening boxes and much more.  The utility knives are much safer than normal knives since you can adjust the blade to an angle that is much more suitable and you can replace the blade for sharper cutting.

Screwdrivers – Screwdrivers are a must for your toolbox if you are planning on installing a major alarm system in your home or if you want to replace the locks on door yourself.


How You Can Protect Your Student Loan

There are different things in your life right now that would require protection. Aside from the usual material things that have value, you also need to protect yourself from falling victim to different strategies that people are doing in order to dupe people.

If you have gotten a student loan, did you get it from a reputable lender? If yes, then you just need to make sure that you will pay for the student loan on time but if not, how sure are you that what you have talked about with the lender will be carried through until you finish school?

A student loan is hard to live with yet you know that you cannot become a student without it as well. You have applied for it and have gotten it because you deserve it and because you know of its many benefits.

How You Can Protect Your Student Loan

If in case you do not know what to do in order to get a student loan, you may ask for the help of a professional to give you the proper details about your requirements and the needed qualifications so you can be considered to get a loan.

Knowing the right facts about it can help you out especially if you have a student loan without a cosigner. Here are some details that you ought to know:

  1. Make sure that you have already identified the best option in order to pay off the student loan. There are some student loans that you can pay for for years, even after you have already graduated from college while there are also some that will allow you to pay consistently with a fixed amount every month. There are also some student loans usually gotten by parents for their children wherein the amount that they have to pay will depend on their monthly salaries. Get to know the different loan repayments available so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you.
  1. If in case you know that you will be late for paying for your loan, there are some things that you can do to ensure that the amount that you have to pay will not be too much. First, you can communicate with your lender often to let your lender know about your current problems so your payment date can be adjusted with no extra fee. Second, you may search for refinancing options that will allow you to pay for your first debt.
  1. You can do things in order to improve the amount that you have to pay for the student loan. For example, you can pay for the interest ahead of time. You are also recommended to pay more than the minimum amount in order to decrease the amount of money that you have to pay for in the following months or so. When you pay early, it can give you a few more benefits too.

With all of these details in mind, you can easily protect your student loan the same way that you can protect all of the other things that are important to you.


Different Types of Home Security Systems

The crime in this society and era is becoming increased with every passing day as is the danger of losing assets. For a very long time, we have been utilizing electric alarms for the safety of our homes and essentials. In any case, with the technological advancements and progression, the conventional electric alarms have gotten upstaged by cutting edge home security systems. In any case, just like you’d pay detailed attention while choosing to purchase the best scope for ar15, similarly, you must pay a lot of consideration while choosing the most suitable electrical security system for your home.

Different Types of Home Security Systems

While choosing an ar scope, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Optical Power
  2. Objective Lens Diameter
  3. Size of the Scope Itself
  4. Material of the Scope
  5. Weight of the Scope
  6. Durability of the Scope
  7. Compatibility of the Scope
  8. Cost-effectiveness
  9. Eye Relief
  10. Parallax Error

On the other hand, in case you’re hoping to buy a viable home security system for yourself, you must check these out:

  1. Monitored Alarm System

Companies like ADT and LifeShield offer monitored alarm systems. These alarm systems go about as an improved variant of traditional and simple alarm systems, since they have an association with a checking service other than an alarm. In the event that, your alarm gets stumbled, an expert is accessible for help day in and day out consistently.

On the off chance that an interruption is distinguished, a specialist calls you to recognize, in the event that it’s only a false alarm or a genuine break-in. On the off chance that it’s a genuine break-in, the powers are alarmed immediately for your benefit, so the police can touch base in minutes. Different things like flames and carbon monoxide are additionally checked to keep up the security of your family.

  1. Smoke Alarm System

A smoke alarm system is an eminent security gadget that guards you against flame and smoke in the house. The system comprises of a progression of remote or hardwired smoke finders and strobe lights. On the off chance that you wish, you can fortify your flame security by introducing an undeniable flame alarm system that contains a temperature sensor, an in-home sprinkler system, and a smoke identifier.

  1. Robber Alarm System

The robber alarm is maybe the most focal element in a home security alarm system. A thief alarm system consolidates window, movement indicators, and door sensors. In the event that these finders or sensors are stumbled, a sign is directed to an essential control board, which sets off a noisy alarm and advises the police that there has been a break in your premises.

These alarm systems are observed by a halfway found keypad. They additionally contain security signs, which join to doors and windows keeping in mind the end goal to alarm off every conceivable interloper. Besides, a man may get a markdown on his/her proprietors protection on introducing a thief alarm system.

  1. Medical Alarm System

A medical alarm system renders a crisis catch on the keypad of your home security alarm system. The catch alarms your security association that assistance is required. For the individuals who have elderly guardians and need their care to be taken of, this is the ideal system for them.

  1. Critical Alarm System

Critical alarm systems are the ones that secure you against leaks, even the ones that are typically undetected. This gives you a chance to maintain a strategic distance from high property harm. Furthermore, these alarm systems can screen your pipes and warming, while you aren’t at your home. Indeed, if a funnel blasts, these systems advise your security associations.


If we look at our family and our home we realize that safety comes first. It is difficult to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way at all times. One cannot always be at home and standing guard. We all need to go to work and complete our tasks as usual. That is after all how we pay for everything. In the mornings when leaving for work we hope and pray that we will come home and everything will be just as we left it but unfortunately there is the possibility that it will not be. Burglaries and home invasions are a very real concern and happen often enough for us to be concerned and prepared. This does not mean that we have to be paranoid at all times or that we should place ourselves in a pink bubble of safety. It does mean that in order to live a normal life and take all the precautions necessary we need to look at installing the best security system we can afford. Read more about crime statistics in the US.

The importance of installing a home security system

As unfortunate as it is a burglary or home invasion can make quite an impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. The growing crime rates are almost making it crucial to have a security system installed. No one wants to deal with the devastating consequences of a home invasion. The financial loss can always be recovered with insurance but how can one replace a life? It is impossible so for that reason it is in anyone’s best interests to invest in security. It is better to be prepared for anything than thinking it will not happen to you. The unfortunate truth is that you could be next.

There are other factors that every home owner should look at for example the quality of your roof. If it is badly built or if poor quality building materials were used you are in danger. Someone can actually get into your home much easier. Take a look at roofer Arlington, Texas for some fantastic roofing solutions. It is your home and by doing things the right way and spending a little extra you will find an increase in your property investment.

Research shows that alarm systems deter burglars. So it isn’t only effective for detection, it will also keep them away from your property. Burglars don’t want to get caught, that is a fact which means that if there is the slightest chance for detection they will not even enter the property.  The actual statistics say that 31% of burglars retreat after seeing that a burglar alarm has been fitted. There are many other ways to improve the security at your property that will not cost you an arm and a leg but that will make a difference and give you the benefit of a better night’s sleep. Click here to learn more about security measures that you can take.


How to Secure Your Home for a Vacation

A vacation is a great way to take some time to relax, but that can be easier said than done if you are worried about the security of your home.  Whether you are going to be gone for just a few days, a couple of weeks, or more, taking precautions before you go can provide valuable peace of mind.  Before you find your tickets on airsteals.com, consider getting the following security products installed.

How to Secure Your Home for a Vacation

Intrusion Alarms

Besides locking your doors, the most common way to secure your home is with a home security system designed to detect intrusion attempts.  Having sensors attached to the windows and doors, as well as integrated motion detectors, can alert you and the authority in the event of a break-in.  There are a variety of systems available, some offered through professional security services, by telecommunications providers, or through self-install kits.  With the number of options available, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs and budget.

Home Automation

Home automation products can help give the appearance of someone being home, even when you are away.  Whether you set up certain features on timers, like interior and exterior lights, or want to be able to control them remotely via app-based connectivity, being able to change the appearance of your home while away can suggest that your home may not be as empty as it seems. Besides lights, televisions, radios, and sprinkler systems are also wise choices to place on timers.

Mail and Other Deliveries

Having mail, newspapers, or other deliveries pile up can be an indication that no one is home.  While a few days of mail in a mailbox may not be incredibly obvious, if multiple items begin to pile up on your doorstep it can be seen as a pretty clear sign that no one is home.  Whether you place a hold on your mail, temporarily stop newspaper delivery, or work with a neighbor to have the items picked up every day, preventing these items from gathering up on your property can be a good idea.

Make Sure Your Doors are Not Hidden

Before you leave on vacation, take the time to trim back any hedges, trees, or other foliage that may prevent a passerby from being able to see your front door easily from the road.  While many people prefer to use fences and hedges to add privacy, this privacy also makes it easier for a potential burglar to hide from sight while attempting to gain entrance.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Any valuables that can be seen easily through a window may be too enticing for a potential burglar to ignore.  Do not leave items, such as jewelry and electronics, in a place where they are easily seen.  The same can go for items such as spare car keys, cell phones, expensive tools, or other items that may indicate you have high priced items in your home that are easily accessible.

Store High-Value Items in Unique Locations

If a break-in does occur, storing items in unlikely places can help prevent burglars from finding them.  Many burglars head to specific areas first, such as the master bedroom and any medicine cabinets.  If you do have valuables in your home, consider storing them in unexpected locations.  A small container stored on the top shelf in a kitchen cabinet may not stand out as it would inside the sock drawer.  By using a little creativity, your valuables may be too hard to locate before the burglar decides they need to leave the property.


Security is the most important thing and sometimes it is hard to feel completely protected. Even if you have security gates, alarms and burglar bars installed you will sometimes still find yourself unable to get a good night’s rest because you fear what might happen if someone breaks in. If this is the case you might find comfort and peace of mind in a neighborhood watch program. There is nothing better than knowing your community has your safety in mind and you have their back too. Read more about the success of neighborhood watch programs. It is a great way to eliminate burglaries because if burglars realize that there is a neighborhood watch program in your suburb they will be reluctant to invade homes. It is great that regular citizens are standing against crime by voluntarily doing their part. Here are a few helpful tips to start a neighborhood watch.

Start a committee

If your neighborhood doesn’t currently have a committee or meet on a regular basis you can start by contacting your neighbors and inviting the interested individuals to a meeting where you can discuss the potential of starting a neighborhood watch group. By doing this you can discuss crime in your area and also start a schedule for watch sessions. It is important to get as many people as possible involved.


You would need to distribute flyers and send emails to all the parties that are involved. Dedicate time for communication and make sure to stay in touch. This is important to keep everyone informed and interactive. By staying in touch with everyone in your neighborhood you will also be able to reach out to those parties that have not joined your group yet and possibly recruit new members. Read more about the benefits of starting a neighborhood watch.

A meeting place

You might want to alternate homes as to where the meetings will be held. Decide if the meetings will be held at your house and plan accordingly. Make sure that you schedule meetings accordingly to keep up to date with current occurrences around the neighborhood.

Care for your community by starting a Neighborhood Watch program

A Neighborhood Watch Van

To efficiently and safely patrol the neighborhood you would want to invest in a reliable vehicle. Consider a sprinter van as the perfect vehicle for your neighborhood watch.  Vans prove to be great security vehicles and can definitely pack a punch in an emergency situation. Sprinter vans offer luxury and most of all space. This makes a group neighborhood watch trip pretty convenient and comfortable.

Contact with the authorities

Make sure that once you start patrolling you keep in touch with the local authorities. This will give you the opportunity to report any suspicious behavior. Also ensure that you don’t handle dangerous situations by yourself. If you find a situation where an aggressive approach is required you should contact the relevant department to deal with it. As the neighborhood watch you are doing your part by spotting discrepancies and alerting the authorities. Don’t try to be Superman.